Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker Review

Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker Review

Traditional stove top pressure cookers are often compared with their electric counterparts, but in reality, they both offer their own set of benefits. Moreover, stove top pressure cookers are recommended as the only safe way to can foods at home.

The Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker is a great stove top pressure cooker that can help you prepare healthy, flavorsome meals, as well as can a variety of different foods in the comfort of your home.

This pressure cooker offers one of the highest capacities in the market, holding a whopping 23-quarts. This is enough to prepare meals for huge groups of people or to prepare enough canned goods for an entire year in one single cook.

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker


Its durable, warp-proof, heavy gauge aluminum provides even heat distribution and fast heating. On top of that, its extended 12-year warranty is one of the longest and most comprehensive in the entire industry.

About The Presto Pressure Canner And Cooker

Although traditional stove top cookers are being rivaled by electric cookers, they are still the only recommended way to can foods by the US Department of Agriculture. And, when it comes to stove top pressure cookers, the Presto Pressure Canner is second to none.

You can use this heavy-duty pressure cooker to can low-acid foods, jams, preserved fruits, jellies, pickles, and much more. It offers one of the most dynamic options for stove top cookers because it can be used with smooth or regular top stoves.

What Customers Are Saying

Boasting 4 and 5-star reviews most of the time, this pressure cooker will not disappoint. It can be used to cook and can a huge variety of food, including meats, vegetables, ground beef, beans, sauces, and more.

Although many people pass up stove top models because of fear, this particular model was praised for putting all concerns to rest with regards to pressure cookers.

All users were satisfied by the instructions in the user manual, which taught them how to use it even if they didn’t have prior experience with pressure pots. This was a major plus for individuals who were experimenting with pressure cookers for the first time.

What To Look Out For

Although only a small percentage of the reviews found online are negative, there were still a few complaints about the Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker. Some users found it annoying to have to purchase a pressure relief regulator separately, adding to the total cost of the cooker.

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker close-up.


Other reported that their pressure gauge stopped working after a few months, which rendered the whole pressure cooker and canner useless. In addition to this, other reports complained because the cooker did not maintain a uniform temperature throughout the cooking chamber.

Our Recommendation

The best place to purchase your Presto Pressure Cooker and Canner is through Amazon. Besides offering free shipping, it also provides the most competitive prices, with the 23-quart model starting at just over $70.


Although stove top cookers are going out of style, the Presto Cooker and Canner offers a sturdy, reliable, and safe alternative. If you are looking to find an affordable option that allows you to cook huge amounts of nutritious food, this is the one for you.

Thanks to its ability to cut down cooking time while allowing you to cook delicious meals, it has earned out stamp of approval as one of the best stove top models available.

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